Acer Aspire E5-411 E5-471 ES1-411 V3-472 DVD/RW Drive Mounting Bracket

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Price: $7.99

Condition: New
Description: New genuine Acer laptop optical disk dvd drive mounting bracket. This mounting bracket only works with select models and the screws are not included.

Compatible Part #'s: 33.MLQN7.001

Compatible Models:
Acer Aspire E5-411, E5-411G, E5-421, E5-421G, E5-471, E5-471G, E5-471P, E5-471PG, E5-522, E5-522G, E5-532, E5-532G, E5-532T, E5-552, E5-552G, E5-573, E5-573G, E5-573T, E5-573TG, E5-574, E5-574G, E5-574T, E5-574TG, E5-721, E5-731, E5-731G, E5-771, E5-771G, ES1-111, ES1-111M, ES1-411, ES1-431, ES1-711, ES1-711G, ES1-731, ES1-731G, F5-571, F5-571G, V3-472, V3-472G, V3-574, V3-574G, V3-574T, V3-574TG, V3-575, V3-575G, V3-575T, V3-575TG.
Acer TravelMate P246-M, P246-MG, P246M-M, P246M-MG, P276-M, P276-MG.