Acer Power Aspire eMachines Veriton Computer Case Fan

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Price: $19.99

Condition: New
Description: New genuine Acer/Gateway computer replacement case cooling fan. The connector on this fan is 3 pin. This may be what you need if your fan stopped working or if your computer is overheating.

Part #'s: HI.S150F.002, KDE1209PTV3.

Compatible Models:
Acer Power FH, M8, S290
Acer Aspire E380, E571, E650, E700, G3120, G3600, G3610, G5910, M1100, M1201, M1202, M1610, M1640, M3100, M3200, M3201, M3202, M3203, M3400, M3410, M3450, M3920, M3970, M3970G, M5100, M5200, M5201, M5400, M5620, M5621, M5630, M5640, M5641, M5810, M5811, ME600, T180, T3-600, T660, T671, T690
eMachines ET1331, ET1331G
Acer Veriton M261, M265, M275, M410, M430G, M460, M460G, M4620, M4620G, M490G, M680, M680G
Gateway One DX4300, DX4320, DX4350, DX4720, DX4820, DX4850, DX4860, FX6800, FX6802, FX6840, FX6860, LX6820.