Genuine Delta ADP-120ZB BB 120 Watt Ac Adapter Charger

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Condition: New
Description: New genuine Delta ac adapter charger. 120 Watt - This adapter has a green tip. This power cord is only compatible with the Acer laptop models listed below.
Input: 100-240V~2.0A 50-60Hz
Output: 19V-6.32A
Watts: 120 Watts
Tip: 1.7mm x 5.5mm

Part #'s: KP.12003.001, PA-1121-16AW, ADP-120ZB BB, ADP-120ZB, PA-1121-04, PA-0121-04AC, AP.12001.003, AP.12001.008, AP.12001.009, AP.12003.003, KP.12003.001.

Compatible Models:
Acer Aspire 5350, 5745, 5745G, 5745PG, 5750, 5750G, 5750Z, 5750ZG, 5820, 5820G, 5820T, 5820TZ, 5820TZG, 5943, 5943G, 5951, 5951G, 7552, 7552G, 7738, 7745, 7745G, 7745Z, 7750, 7750G, 7750Z, 8940, 8940G, 8942, 8942G, 8943, 8943G, 8950, 8950G, 8951, 8951G, V3-771, V3-771G, V3-772, V3-772G.