Acer Aspire M5-481T M5-581T TravelMate X483 Laptop Battery AP12A3i

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Condition: New
Description: New Acer replacement battery. The specifications for this battery are 4850mAh, 54Wh, 11.1V, 3 Cell. This is a high quality genuine rechargeable Li-polymer battery pack.

Part #'s: KT.00303.002, BT.00304.011, AP12A3i, AP12A4i, 3ICP7/67/90.

Compatible Models:
Acer Aspire M3-481, M3-481G, M3-580, M3-580G, M3-581, M3-581G, M3-581T, M3-581TG, M3-581PT, M3-581PTG, M5-481, M5-481G, M5-481T, M5-481TG, M5-481PT, M5-481PTG, M5-581, M5-581G, M5-581T, M5-582, M5-582PT.
Acer TravelMate P645, P645M, P645MG, P645S, P645SG, P645V, P645VG, P648, P648-M, P648-MG, P658, P658-M, P658-MG, X483, X483G.