Acer Aspire 65 Watt Laptop Ac Adapter Charger PA-1650-86AW

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Price: $24.99

Condition: New
Description: New genuine Acer laptop ac adapter charger with power cord. 65 Watt, 1.6A, 19V, 3.42A. You may receive a Liteon, Delta or Chicony adapter. Acer uses all 3 brands interchangeably with their laptops.

Part #'s: AP.06503.029, AP.06503.031, AP.0650H.003, PA-1650-69, PA-1650-86AW, NSW24624, A065R035L, A11-065N1A.

Compatible Models:
Acer Aspire E1-421, E1-422, E1-431, E1-471, E1-521, E1-522, E1-531, E1-531G, E1-571, E1-572, E1-731, E1-731G, E1-771, E1-771G, E1-772, E1-772G, M3-581T, M3-581TG, M5-481T, M5-481TG, M5-481PT, M5-481PTG, M5-581T, M5-582PT, M5-583, M5-583P, R7-571, S3-391, S3-951, V3-471, V3-471G, V3-531, V3-531G, V3-551, V3-551G, V3-571, V3-571G, V3-731, V3-771, V3-771G, V5-431, V5-431P, V5-471, V5-471G, V5-471P, V5-472, V5-472G, V5-472P, V5-472PG, V5-473, V5-473G, V5-473P, V5-473PG, V5-531, V5-531P, V5-551, V5-551G, V5-552, V5-552G, V5-552P, V5-561, V5-561G, V5-561P, V5-561PG, V5-571, V5-571G, V5-571P, V5-571PG, V5-572, V5-572G, V5-572P, V5-573, V7-481, V7-481P, V7-482, V7-482P, V7-482PG, V7-581, V7-581P, V7-582, V7-582P, V7-582PG, ZC-102, ZC-605.
Acer TravelMate P243-M, P243-MG, P253-E, P253-M, P253-MG, P453-M, P453-MG, X483.