Dell Optiplex 3040 5040 7040 Inspiron 3650 3656 Power Supply 240W

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Condition: New
Description: New Dell computer 240 watt power supply. This part has a 12V 8-pin and a 4V 4-pin connector. **Some of the models listed below may have come with a different watt power supply. Please check the part # and the watts on your existing power supply to make sure that you are ordering the correct one. This item was pulled from a new computer or is old stock.

Compatible Part #'s: 0706M, 2P1RD, W72XN, 4GTN5, H62JR, H240AM-02, D240A007L, AC240NM-00, AC240EM-00

Compatible Models:
Dell Optiplex 3040, 5040, 7040
Dell Inspiron 3650, 3656
Dell Precision 3420