Dell Optiplex 580 760 780 960 980 DT Computer Power Supply N249M

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Condition: New
Description: New 255 watt Dell computer power supply. This power supply only works with the (DT) Desktop versions of the models listed below. This item was removed from a new computer or is old stock.

Compatible Part #'s: N249M, D255P-00, FR597, 0FR597, RM110, CY826, WU123, T164M, C112T, D390T, F283T, G238T, V6V76, F255E-01, D255P-00, L255P-01, AC255AD-00, H255E-01, DPS-255BB A, PS-5261-3DF1-LF, VP09500052-00, HP-D2553A0.

Compatible Models:
Dell Optiplex 580, 760, 780, 960, 980.

1 x 24-Pin
1 x 4-Pin ATX
1 x 4-Pin Floppy Connector
2 x Sata Connectors