Dell Form Factor Computer Power Supply 160 Watt P2721

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Condition: New
Description: New original Dell small form factor computer power supply. Replace your dead or not working power supply with this genuine Dell 160 watt replacement part. This power supply has the following connectors:
P1 - 20 Pin ATX Main Power Connector Cable
P2 - 4 Pin ATX +12V Power Connector Cable
P3 - 4 Pin Molex Connector Cable
P4/P5 - Floppy/CD Connector Cable
P6 - 5 Pin (6 Pin) Dell Connector Cable

Part #'s: P2721, PS-5161-7D, 7E220, F6442, 3N200, R5953, U5427, P0813, 7E220, 3Y147, HP-L161NF3P, PS-5161-1D1S, HP-U270NF3W, PS-5161-7DS2, PS-5161-7DS, PS-5161-1D1S.

Compatible Models:
Dell Dimension 2400C, 4500C, 4600C, 4700C.
Dell Optiplex GX50, GX60, GX240, GX260, GX270, GX280.